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Hi! I'm Paul Christoffersen and welcome to my world of Strategic Intervention Life Coaching.  I am so happy you stopped by!  I look forward to meeting you and beginning this journey.  

Why choose me?  You are well on your journey for a successful outcome when you find someone who cares and that you connect with.  You have to feel safe and open to being in a vulnerable state during this process.  I will provide you with that safe, judgement-free environment where you can begin to find the answers you are seeking.  


I have created a rather interesting life for myself.  It started off very scripted and planned, but over the years I have managed to break down the regime and structure that was holding me back.  Like many people I had developed patterns and a story for my life that I accepted as my reality.  It was a confining environment with many self-imposed limitations.  

At an early age it was apparent that I was rather sensitive, more so than those around me.  That created certain challenges as a young kid that I had to overcome.  I was just more in-tuned to reading the energy and emotions of those around me.  I have been that way my entire life.  But early on it was difficult to absorb other peoples pain and sadness without knowing how to process it.  I also did not want to be the source of pain for others.  I did that by trying to be just what others needed me to be for them.  By the time I was a teenager I took this sense of being in-tuned to others and developed it into a strong intuition that I could trust.  It allowed me to understand people at a deeper level in a very short period of time.  I was able to be sensitive to those around me without being pulled into their story.  This let me be objective and helpful by being able to add perspective and creative solutions. These are two things you cannot do yourself when you are in the middle of it.

"You get what you tolerate" is a famous quote by Tony Robbins.  When a person feels a lack of self-worth, low energy, or doubt, they tolerate way more than they should.  This can become a pattern in your life. And when that pattern hangs around long enough, it becomes your story.  

I get it.  I had a story of toleration.  And it took the love and perspective of others, self-examination, and time to overcome my old story.  It was not a bad story by any means.  I literally have more blessings than I can count.  But I had a part of my story that forced me to ask time and again, "When does Paul get to be Paul?  When is that going to happen?" My story seemed to get stuck in that loop of being what others needed me to be.  I never felt like my true voice was being heard. I didn't feel like I was thriving because I had something to offer others and I didn't know exactly what it was or how to share it. 

Being a Strategic Intervention(SI) Life Coach has provided me with a powerful way to help and impact others in an authentic and meaningful way.   When you work with me you will benefit from all of my trainings, conferences, seminars, books, research papers and past clients that I have learned from.  I am supported by an SI institution and a network of SI coach colleagues from around the world.  But that is stuff most coaches can offer.  What you also get with me is that lifetime of intuition when it comes to understanding and helping others around me.  That is not something you learn or become certified in, you are just born with it. 

This is enough about me.  You are here for you, and that is wonderful.  I truly honor that.  I invite you to reach out and see if their is anyway I can help you or someone you know.  Maybe we can begin the process of changing your story.  


415 N Tejon St. Colorado Spring, CO  80903

415 N Tejon St
Colorado Springs, 80903

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