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Providing the skills, tools and training necessary to succeed and thrive in college


Freshman Drop-out rate at

4-year college


Freshman Drop-out rate at

2-year college


Overall Drop-out rate for

4-year college


Students that take 6 years for 4-year degree

Empowering the student to raise above the numbers





A highly-specialized and personalized interactive program designed specifically to empower college students to start college strong, develop the emotional muscle necessary to thrive, and allow them to claim their adulthood.

Is your child ready for the challenges they will face in college?

The College Success Course is designed to develop the emotional and mental strength of the student.  It is critical for the students to win the emotional battle they will face in college.  This course will discover the skills and strengths the student already has and teach them how to tap those resources to manage the emotional ups-and-downs that are coming their way.

College Success Course

Transitioning from high school to college

Impostor Syndrome

Emotional meanings

Create and maintain a Cycle of Success

Power of great decisions

Expect more, raising you standards

Pre-emptive Strategic Intervention 

Be determined・be focused・be empowered


  • Is your child ready for the challenge of college life?

  • Have you done everything possible to prepare them to mentally and emotionally endure college? 

  • Do you think your advice has adequately prepared them?

  • Are you confident in your child's ability to "figure out" the social, academic, and personal aspects of school?

What your student will discover by working with Coach Paul

  • How to create a successful college life that works for them

  • Empowerment that comes from developing the discipline to make healthy choices

  • Learn how to meet their most important needs in a healthy way

  • Feel connected to the college and the learning process

  • The importance of setting higher standards for themselves 

  • Become creative and resourceful when dealing with challenges

  • Importance of claiming your adulthood


Now is the time to prepare

Paul is happy to answer your questions.

the power of the college success course

Fast Start

Stay in school


become an adult

The power and importance of a successful launch into college cannot be overstated.  The student is beginning to write the story of who they are as a college student.  Are they a happy, successful student? Or are they going to have a story of struggle and disappointment? 

The student must learn early on how to take responsibility for ensuring a positive start to their college life.  As a parent, we cannot want it for them.  They need to put in the work.

Students who start their college career successfully do not drop out.  Students who begin well get the most out of college, they thrive.  That is the goal.  Not just to endure college, always wondering if this the semester they drop-out.  

The goal is for your child to thrive in college.  A college life where they form solid relationships with peers and professors.  These relationships support of a feeling of belonging today that brings academic success. The student begins to achieve success beyond what they thought possible.  This leads them to invest themselves more in their education which leads to higher level classes and more academic opportunity. 

Their is an epidemic of children not successfully transitioning into adults.  They are delaying too much of life's important decisions.  This impacts them for the rest of their life.  The reason for much of this is a lack of attention and training in this area.  Read more below on the importance of these students Claiming Their Adulthood while in college.  

college success course details

  • 6 session course 

    • 90-minute sessions​

    • Video call or in-person

  • Personalized and highly-interactive with the student​

  • 6 20-minute follow-up calls during the semester

  • 1 Strategic Intervention exercise (call to learn more)

  • Group rates available

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Empower the student to raise above the numbers

Impostor Syndrome

Persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud

Impostor Syndrome(IS) is fairly common on college campuses.  A student will begin to develop a feeling that they do not belong in college.  They will feel they are not as good as the other students, they are struggling more with class work, and/or they do not fit into the campus social life.  This will cause the student to become isolated and withdrawn.  

Once they head down this path the student will continually find examples to reinforce their feelings. 

High-Achievers are particularly susceptible to Impostor Syndrome.


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