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Anxiety: the most common emotion

October 5, 2017

Anxiety is the most experienced emotion in our culture.  Anxiety presents itself in many different ways and has many different effects on people.  Some of us thrive in the face of anxiety, it will actually propel us to take action and move our life forward in positive and meaningful ways.  While many of us experience anxiety as a blocker where the anxiety becomes more intense and overwhelming.  When this happens, we can begin to retreat and get stuck in an emotional pattern where movement and forward progress become impossible.  


How can a Strategic Interventionist Life Coach help you with anxiety?  This is a difficult question to answer in this forum since the process will be different for everyone.  However the goal is the same; a skillful SI Life Coach will be able to steer and help direct a person through the process of discovery and awareness that is necessary to live with anxiety in a healthy way.  It is not the coach’s job to eliminate anxiety, that is not possible.  But a coach can help you in your response and relationship to anxiety.  


The first step I will take is to get to know you and the anxiety.  Through that process you, and I, will begin to see the personality of the anxiety.  Most people will generalize the emotion when speaking about it.  They have never really tried to “see” it.  This is the job of the SI Life Coach; to uncover it and learn all we can about it, the root cause.  The anxiety can go in many directions at this point.  Is its references internal or external, is it relationship driven or self focused, does it replay the past or is it worrying about the future?   These are just a few of the aspects we need to understand.  During this discovery I will also be interested learning the type of anxiety someone holds.  The different types of anxiety can be anything from a general floating type to random panic attacks.  Are there any triggers, recurring memories, or thoughts that need to be uncovered?  


As an SI Life Coach, I believe that almost every emotion is there to serve us at some level.  Sometimes we outgrow what the situation was that originally developed the emotion, and it is time to retire it.  Other times, the emotion grows out of control, and if left unchecked, it is blocking us from experiencing life in the present.  Anxiety may have grown out of an incredibly caring a loving part of you that was intended to protect others.  So we need to get leverage on the anxiety and asking some questions around it.  My two favorite questions for you are:


What is the opposite of anxiety for you?  




Without anxiety what could you do?  


I encourage you to take the time to write down your answers to the above questions.  For many, this will be the first time they have actually considered an anxiety-free life in any real terms.  


There is a lot more to understanding and treating anxiety.  For instance, please know that anxiety is never just an emotional or mental problem.  It always contains a psychological component, which we will discuss.  Anxiety can be reinforced over time by what we call secondary gains; how the person is benefiting from the anxiety, maybe they get special attention.  Or the anxiety is a safe problem covering up a quality problem you do not want to deal with.  And until the anxiety is dealt with, you get to ignore something that is more important to moving your life forward.


If you, or someone you know, would like to learn how to elevate your life above the anxiety you feel, please sign-up for a free consultation.  Let’s discover what that can look like for you.  

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