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Make your Life a Masterpiece

October 12, 2017

I love this piece by Rodolfo De Angeli .  He is a fellow SI Life Coach from Melbourne, Australia.  I had the fortune of spending some time with him last month in Santa Barbara.


What Rodolfo is describing is common to many and at many different levels.  The take away is to embrace your life, all of it.  Don't ignore the parts you don't like...embrace them, identify them, name them, see them, and then you can begin to deal with them.


I hope you enjoy it.






Do you find yourself at times when things don't work out the way you want them to? Perhaps your Life feels off? Your relationship towards others or others towards you are off? Maybe your job is not serving you anymore or you don't get appreciated overall as you wished to? 


Do you ever feel like being in the middle of a spiral and you feel like it's taking you down? 


Actually all that is just your interpretation of what's happening, you're not witnessing, you're locked in and lost focus on the big picture. 

But because you think you're finding yourself in this situation at the moment play the game full out, don't fight it just let the force of the vortex drag you "down", enjoy the ride, feel that energy... it's yours. 


Now breathe deeply and focus... get ready, you will be touching that imaginary bottom soon... and once you do kick off hard cause you will be back stronger than ever...


Make your Life a Masterpiece

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