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Overcome that critical inner voice

November 2, 2017

Ever underestimate what you can accomplish in a decade? Most people do.  As an SI coach I collect stories. So here is a timely one. Evan Gattis is now a World Series Champion catcher and DH for the Houston Astros. But less than a decade ago he was a janitor in Dallas. The story below picks up when he quit baseball. The two years before that he spent in college playing ball and developed an anxiety disorder that led to drugs and alcohol abuse. His mother sent him to a rehab program. After that he went back to college baseball but dropped out after a knee injury.


Gattis' first job after quitting baseball was as a parking valet in Dallas. He then visited his sister in Boulder, Colorado, and decided to reside there. He sold his truck and worked in a pizza parlor and as a ski-lift operator at the Eldora Mountain Resort. Depressed, unable to sleep, and contemplating suicide, Gattis entered an inpatient psychiatric ward for three days in the summer of 2007, where he was diagnosed with clinical depression and an anxiety disorder. He was released into the care of his father.


After living in Colorado for seven months, Gattis then moved to Dallas with his brother, where they worked as janitors for Datamatics Global Services. He met a New Age spiritual advisor there, and on her advice, he followed her to Taos, New Mexico.There, he lived in a hostel and worked at a ski resort. Three months later, he moved to California to find more spiritual gurus. Gattis also moved to Wyoming, where he worked at Yellowstone National Park. (source: Wikipedia)


What is the lesson here?  Gattis took deliberate steps to work on himself and his spirit.  The strength is in us to accomplish so much more than we often realize.  He could have looked at his recent history and used it as an excuse to slip into an unfulfilled life of mediocrity.


If you find yourself stuck and unable to move forward, you need to take responsibility for yourself and get help. Maybe that is a guru, a friend, a coach, or reading stories of others.  Google Evan Gattis and learn more.  And then find other's who have overcome.  You can overcome what ever you are facing.


The reason we need guidance from others is to help tame that critical inner voice so many of us have. If you speak harshly to yourself you may find it difficult to thrive. That self-criticism, or harsh inner voice,  we burden ourself with will drain energy and reduce our ability to creatively solve problems and tackle the challenges we face.  For many that voice was developed for a reason that has served them well in the past. Maybe you are a high achiever that demands a lot from yourself.  Or you heard that voice from a parent or teacher, so you adopted it to propel yourself forward as a way to be accepted.  But today it may no longer be needed and is actually getting in the way.  Do you use that voice with others in your life today? A coach can skillfully identify and tame that voice in you.  This allows room for new energy and new distinctions to take root.  That is the beginning of a new life for you.


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