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The Five Second Rule

November 29, 2017

Too often we think big change can't happen in a second.  After all, if change can happen that fast, why don't we just change.  Let's just decide what we want to change, and then change it.  It usually is that simple to set the wheels in motion to make massive improvements and positive change in your life.  The problem is the slight hesitation we experience before we decide to take action.  That is when reason, and often self-doubt, will begin to take over.  


Did you know you can learn to make decisions?  It is a process that involves developing positive habits in the area of taking action, learning to trust your intuition and the magnificent capability of the brian grow; even if you are over 30! (That is the age we used to believe the brain stopped growing) 


Watch the video of Mel Robbins and learn why we stop ourselves from progressing and thriving.  We all know so much of what we need to do and want to do, but we just don't do it.


Well, it is time for that to stop.  Today! Right now! Don't hesitate, watch the video and then take action immediately toward something you want. Any step, big or tiny.  Just have one success today.




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